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Zellweger Impulse X4 Multi Gas Detector

This product is now obsolete.

What you get with a Zellweger Impulse X4 is a unsurpassed portable gas detector which will protect you against flammable, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulphide gas hazards. The Impulse X4 is ideal for usage by organisations that desire advanced performance, ease of use and reliability without having the burden of high costing maintenance to worry about. With this in mind, the Impulse X4 focuses on the ease of use by focusing on offering functionality only that is required to meet the legislation.

Unlike other detectors, the user only needs to press a single button in order to perform the routine functions!

Keeping it simple reduces training requirements and enables use in a wider range of industries. Ease of use doesnít mean basic functionality. For example, every instrument has the capability to log data using a simple to fit memory card (the type you get in a digital camera). Events, gas data and the calibration history are all stored and the free software downloaded from our web site enables you to graph or print reports at the press of a button.

Convenience and the way users want to work is an important consideration. When clipped to the belt or harness users may want the re-assurance of being able to view the display from different positions. But with many other units the display is upside down forcing the user to remove the unit to look at the display, perhaps creating a hazard. With the Impulse X4 users can Ďflipí the display at the press of a button for that added convenience and safety.

With an ultra clear backlit display, vibrating and powerful audiovisual alarms, the Impulse X4 demands attention when gas hazards are detected in even the most adverse working conditions.

All in all, Impulse X4 offers reliable, easy to use gas detection to keep you safe.

Tough Durable Housing

  Small and lightweight
  Rugged, impact and weather resistant
  Includes crocodile clip - prevents accidental loss

Easy to Use

  Works straight out of the box
  Single button on/ off operation
  Intuitive icons suitable for all languages
  User configurable via menu
  Interactive product training guide available

Find out more by reading our data sheet below:

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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