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Sieving and Weighing


Endecotts are the world's leading manufacturer of quality laboratory test sieves, sieve shakers, filters and related laboratory equipment. Over 70 years manufacturing experience give Endecotts an enviable reputation for quality and accuracy.

Each sieve is individually made under the most stringent quality control procedures using the finest materials. The wire cloth is checked at every stage of manufacture either by optical projection or highly sophisticated computer scanning techniques. The final inspection is a precision measurement of apertures and sieve frame dimensions.

Endecotts have developed a wide range of shakers suitable for all types of sieving and samples. Careful consideration has gone into the design to ensure the correct movement of the sample across the sieve apertures.

Below is a comprehensive listing of all Endecotts products.

Endecotts Test Sieves

  Certified Sieves
  Calibrated Sieves
  Matched and Calibrated Sieves
  Mid Point Sieves
  Re-Certification of Sieves
  Woven Wire Mesh Sieves
  Perforated Plate Sieves
  Half Height Sieves
  Microplate Sieves
  Wet Washing Sieves
  Extra Depth Sieves
  Air-Jet Sieves
  Grain Sieves
  Grid Sieves
  Lids & Receivers
  Pocket Sieve Set
  Sieve Brush and Analysis Graph Paper
  Sample Dividers
  Wet Sieving Kit

Endecotts Sieve Shakers

  Octagon Digital
  EFL 2000

Other Endecotts Products

  Star 2000 (Sieve Analyser)
  Fluid Bed Dryer
  Ultrasonic Cleaner
  Screening Sieves
  Filters and Screens
  Air Sizer

Endecotts Sampling Equipment

  Sample Dividers
  Sample Scoops
  Sleeve Sampler
  Slot Sampler
  Quality Control Labels
  Pocket Sampler
  Powder Lance
  "Sack-Bag" Samplers


Endecotts are the proud licensee of the British Standard Kitemark for the manufacture of Certified and Calibrated test sieves to:

BS 410-1:2000 and ISO 3310-1:2000 Test sieves - Technical requirements and testing.

Part 1 - Test sieves of metal wire cloth

Wire mesh series to tables 1 and 2
Aperture size from 125 mm to 20 microns

BS 410-2:2000 and ISO 3310-2:1999 Test sieves - Technical requirements and testing.

Part 2 - Test sieves of perforated metal plate

Perforated plate series to table 1
Aperture size from 125 mm to 4 mm with round holes or square holes
Aperture size from 3.55 mm to 1.0 mm with round holes.

Standards   Kitemark

Test Sieves

Woven Wire Mesh Sieves
Perforated Plate Sieves
Coffee Sieves
Nut, Kernel, Bean & Seed Sieves
Calibration Samples
Ultrasonic Cleaner

Sieve Shakers

D300 Sieve Shaker
EFL 300 Sieve Shaker
Minor 200 Sieve Shaker
Octagon 200 Sieve Shaker
Octagon 200CL Sieve Shaker
Sonic Sifter
Titan 450 Sieve Shaker


Air Sizer
Air Sizer 200
Fluid Bed Dryer


Cyclone Air Sizer
D450 Sieve Shaker
EFL 2000 Sieve Shaker
M100 Sieve Shaker
Minor Sieve Shaker
Octagon Sieve Shaker
Powermatic Sieve Shaker
Star 2000 Sieving Results Analyser

Part Number Index

Part Number Index

Glenammer Index

Glenammer's extensive range of test sieves and sieve shakers are distributed around the globe, all from a manufacturing base in Scotland. Glenammer products are recognised internationally as being of the highest possible standard and quality, while also being the best value sieves that money can buy.

Many diverse industry sectors purchase their test sieves from Glenammer including laboratories, test environments and universities, where the most precise and accurate standards are an essential part of their operations.

The customer base of Glenammer is an enviable one, with customers including multi-nationals, leading research companies and many private companies.

The core Glenammer product range includes Woven Wire Test Sieves, Perforated Plate Test Sieves, Lids and Receivers, Grid Sieves, Cereal Sieves and Sieve Shakers.

Glenammer Woven Wire Sieves

Perforated Plate Sieves

Grid Sieves

Cereal Sieves

Sieve Shakers

Ohaus Scales Index

Ohaus Scales has been the preferred brand for customers, for over 100 years, when they have been looking for scales and balances. All Ohaus Scales are of high quality and fully featured. Yet despite this, they are all sold at an economical price.

The most famous Ohaus Scales product was the Harvard Trip Balance, which set Ohaus Scales on the way to becoming the most recognisable and renowned brand in the industry. Today, Ohaus Scales is seen as a standard, by which the entire weighing industry is measured against.

Product markets for Ohaus Scales include laboratory, industrial, retail, food, jewellery, education and many other specialist markets. In fact, Ohaus Scales have been used in a countless number of different customer applications.

The main Ohaus Scales headquarters is based on Parsippany, New Jersey, with many other offices throughout the world.

Ohaus Scales are determined to deliver only the very best quality balances and scales, which meet the customer's requirements, whilst supporting these products with excellent and responsible customer service.

Best Sellers

CL Compact Scales
Pioneer Analytical/Precision Balances
Explorer Series
CS Compact Scales
Adventurer Balances
AdventurerPro Balances
MB Moisture Analysers
Navigator Portable Scales
Scout Pro Portable Electronic Balances
Traveler Portable Electronic Balances

Industrial Scales

Defender 3000 Scales
Defender 5000 Scales
Defender 7000 Scales
EC Compact Bench Counting Scales
ES Low Profile Bench Scales
FD Food Portioning Scales
Mechanical Balances
Ranger 3000 Compact Scales
SD Shipping Scales
Valor 2000 Compact Scales
Valor 3000 Xtreme Compact Scales
Valor 4000 Compact Bench Scales


BW Washdown Compact Bench Scales
EB Compact Bench Scales
Valor 1000 Compact Scales
Valor 1000W Compact Scales

Mettler Toledo Index

Mettler Toledo is a world renowned manufacturer of innovative laboratory equipment, including weighing balances and ph, conductivity, ion and dissolved oxygen meters.

The Mettler Toledo company was set up in 1945, when an engineer from Switzerland, called Dr. Erhard Mettler, started designing precision mechanics. Dr Mettler created the substitution principle with a single-pan balance, which was capable of being produced in series. These special analytical balances which had a single weighing pan gradually replaced the traditional two-pan balances in laboratories worldwide.

Over the course of the next decade, the measurement of up to one ten-millionth of a gram became possible.

Mettler Toledo instruments can be found in research, scientific and quality control labs, amongst many others in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Balances, pipettes and pH meters are the the three most frequently used instruments in the average laboratory. Mettler Toledo are proud to be a global market leader in each of these.

Not content with just covering the requirements of the laboratory, Mettler Toledo's industrial solutions cover the diverse steps in a host of manufacturing processes. This area of Mettler Toledo's business covers the receiving of raw materials, in-line process control and end-of-line packaging control. The area of industrial solutions even stretches as far as logistics and shipping. Increasingly, Mettler Toledo find themselves integrating their solutions into customer's IT systems, which helps to automate their work processes.

Classic ML Balances

Classic MS Balances

Classic MS Semi-Micro Balances

Classic PL-L Light Balances

Classic PL-S Light Balances

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