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Sieger Signalpoint Pro

The Signalpoint Pro is an intrinsically safe, cost effective, toxic and Oxygen gas detector for use in the toughest environmental conditions. A 2-wire, 4-20mA loop powered device that can be used indoors or outdoors in areas that are routinely washed or hosed down.

Signalpoint Pro is designed for user friendly operation along with simplified installation and maintenance. A removable cover allows sensors to simply plug into the transmitter without having to open the main terminal housing. The gas type and default sensor range for each sensor is automatically recognised and displayed on the built-in display.

Hidden push buttons provide user programmable features such as gas range and calibration gas level setting. Non intrusive, one-man calibration is initiated by a magnetically operated switch. The Quick Calibration routine, including auto-inhibit to prevent false alarms, walks the user through the process using a series of on-screen prompts to ensure right first time set-up and operation.

The large terminal compartment includes a hinged cover to provide easy hands free access for wiring. When opened, fixing points are revealed providing secure hidden mounting. A pre-formed M20 clearance cable entry is provided with a second easy knockout entry if required.

Signalpoint Pro is ideal for use with a range of dedicated gas monitoring controllers or industry standard PLCs. Either way, users are assured of being protected in all conditions by Sieger gas monitoring solutions.

Data Sheet

Flexible Operation

  Wide range of gases available
  User programmable detection ranges
  IP66 for indoor or outdoor use

Easy to Use

  Simple plug-in sensors
  Non intrusive, one man operation
  Quick Calibration with auto-inhibit
  Local LCD display
  Minimal training required

Simplified Installation

  Plug-in sensor replacement
  2-wire operation
  Integral junction box
  Hinged terminal compartment cover
  Use with conduit or cable installations

Typical Applications

  Refrigeration facilities
  Chemical stores
  Confined spaces
  Car parks

Part Numbers


SGPTPRXXO1 Oxygen 0.0-25.0%VOL
SGPTPRXXC1 Carbon Monoxide 0-300ppm default range (configurable 0-100ppm up to 0-999ppm in 100ppm increments)
SGPTPRXXH1 Hydrogen Sulfide 0.0-15.0ppm default range (configurable 0.0-10.0ppm up to 0.0-50.0ppm in 1.0ppm increments)
SGPTPRXXH2 Hydrogen Sulfide 0-100ppm default range (0-50ppm up to 0-500ppm in 10ppm increments)
SGPTPRXXS1 Sulfur Dioxide 0.0-15.0ppm default range (0.0-5.0ppm up to 0.0-20.0ppm in 5.0ppm increments)
SGPTPRXXN1 Nitrogen Dioxide 0.0-10.0ppm default range (0.0-5.0ppm up to 0.0-50.0ppm in 5.0ppm increments)
SGPTPRXXG1 Hydrogen 0-1,000ppm
SGPTPRXXA1 Ammonia 0-200ppm default range (0-50ppm up to 0-200ppm in 50ppm increments)
SGPTPRXXA2 Ammonia 0-1,000ppm default range (0-200ppm up to 0-1000ppm in 50ppm increments)


SGPTPPCFA Calibration gas flow housing
02000-A-1635 Weatherproof cap for use with toxic detector including remote gassing nozzle (for Sensepoint, Signalpoint, Satellite (with adapter), XNX MPD and Series 2000)


SGPTPPSCA Sensor cover assembly (including hydrophobic barrier)
S3KMAG Magnet
SGPTPRMTL1 Single channel zener barrier MTL7728+
SGPTPRMTL2 2 channel zener barrier MTL7787+
SGPTPRMTL3 Galvanic Isolator MTL 5042
SGPTPRPFG1 Galvanic Isolator PandF KFD2-STC4-EX1
SGPTPRCBLG Hummel cable gland HSK-K-Ex, blue, M20x1.5, elongated (15mm). Part number 1.291.2002.30, including locking nut Part number 1.262.2001.50.

Replacement Transmitter Kits

SGPTPRXXOX Replacement Oxygen transmitter kit
SGPTPRXXTX Replacement toxic transmitter kit

Spare Sensors

SGPTPPSSO1 0.0-25%VOL Oxygen replacement plug in sensor
SGPTPPSSC1 0-999ppm Carbon Monoxide replacement plug in sensor
SGPTPPSSH1 0-50ppm Hydrogen Sulfide replacement plug in sensor
SGPTPPSSH2 0-500ppm Hydrogen Sulfide replacement plug in sensor
SGPTPPSSS1 0.0-20.0ppm Sulfur Dioxide replacement plug in sensor
SGPTPPSSN1 0.0-50.0ppm Nitrogen Dioxide replacement plug in sensor
SGPTPPSSG1 0-1,000ppm Hydrogen replacement plug in sensor
SGPTPPSSA1 0-200ppm Ammonia replacement plug in sensor
SGPTPPSSA2 0-1,000ppm Ammonia replacement plug in sensor

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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Part Number Index

Part Number Index

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