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Apex takes all the best elements of gas detection design and combines them into one unit. Apex provides the highest performance, installation flexibility, a wide range of accessories and a choice of communication outputs. All this is provided in a package that is easy to install, operate and maintain.

Typical applications include:

Petrochemical - Exploration drilling rigs, production platforms, FPSOs, oil and gas terminals, chemical plants, oil and gas tankers

Heavy Industrial - Steel manufacture, ship building

Manufacturing - Automotive, glass and ceramics, aerospace, printing and coating, cosmetics

Pharmaceutical - Research labs, solvent storage areas, process areas, demineralisation plants

Transmitter - The robust hazardous area approved Apex transmitter housing and mounting bracket is made from 316 Stainless Steel. It has a large backlit LCD display, simple 4 button operation, 3 fully configurable relay outputs and selectable sink, source or isolated 4-20mA signal. The transmitter is common to all types of sensor.

Sensor - The Apex Sensor can be mounted directly on the transmitter or remotely up to 100m away. There are two versions of sensor; one for both catalytic and electrochemical type sensor cartridges and one for the thick film (semi conductor) type cartridges.

Smart cartridge - The sensors can be fitted with a choice of over 40 toxic gas ranges and wide range of detectable flammable gases. Each cartridge is pre calibrated and simply plugs into the sensor. The Intrinsically Safe design allows cartridges to be changed with the unit under power. The transmitter recognizes a newly fitted sensor cartridge and automatically reads all the configuration information from it.

Data Sheet
Gas Book Americas
Apex Accessories Quick Start Guide
Apex Cartridge Quick Start Guide
Apex Certified Junction Box Quick Start Guide
Apex Lonworks Quick Start Guide
Apex Quick Start Guide
Apex Technical Handbook

Easy to Install

  Sensor can be remotely mounted up to 100m from the transmitter
  On board relays allow for local audible/visual alarms
  Strong integral 316 STST mounting bracket
  Large easy access cable entries
  Easy access terminal blocks
  Wide range of accessories

Easy to Use

  Intuitive menu operating system
  Clear on screen instructions guide user
  Simple for button operation
  Multiple language options
  Transmitter recognizes new sensor cartridges
  Easy to change gas types
  Large clear backlit graphical LCD display

Easy to Maintain

  Simple plug in under power sensor cartridge
  Smart cartridges are supplied pre calibrated
  Common transmitter for all gas types
  Simple filter replacement

Part Numbers

Instrument (Sensor Cartridges to be ordered separately)

2110N2280 Apex ATEX Transmitter and Sensor Kit for Catalytic and Electrochemical Sensor cartridges
2110N2283 Apex UL Transmitter and Sensor Kit for Catalytic and Electrochemical Sensor cartridges
2110N2284 Apex CSA transmitter and sensor housing kit for catalytic and electrochemical cartridges


2110B3000 Arsine- 0.2 ppm
2110B3010 Diborane- 0.4ppm
2110B3020 Boron Trichloride- 6ppm
2110B3040 Bromine- 0.4ppm
2110B3090 Chlorine- 2ppm
2110B3100 Chlorine- 5ppm
2110B3110 Chlorine- 15ppm
2110B3130 Chlorine Dioxide- 0.4ppm
2110B3140 Carbon Monoxide- 100ppm
2110B3150 Carbon Monoxide- 200ppm
2110B3160 Carbon Monoxide- 500ppm
2110B3052 Ethylene Oxide- 25ppm
2110B3430 DiChlorosilane- 10ppm
2110B3200 Fluorine- 4ppm
2110B3210 Germane- 0.8ppm
2110B3220 Hydrogen- 1000ppm
2110B3230 Hydrogen Sulphide- 20ppm
2110B3240 Hydrogen Sulphide- 50ppm
2110B3250 Hydrogen Sulphide- 100ppm
2110B3530 Hydrogen Sulphide- 15ppm
2110B3270 Hydrogen Bromide- 12ppm
2110B3280 Hydrogen Chloride- 20ppm
2110B3290 Hydrogen Cyanide- 20ppm
2110B3300 Hydrogen Fluoride- 12ppm
2110B3320 Ammonia- 50ppm (standard temp range)
2110B3330 Ammonia- 100ppm (standard temp range)
2110B3340 Ammonia- 400ppm (standard temp range)
2110B3350 Ammonia- 1000ppm (standard temp range)
2110B3570 Ammonia- 50ppm (-20C min temp)
2110B3540 Ammonia- 100ppm (-20C min temp)
2110B3550 Ammonia- 400ppm (-20C min temp)
2110B3560 Ammonia- 1000ppm (-20C min temp)
2110B3360 Nitric Oxide- 100ppm
2110B3370 Nitrogen Dioxide- 12ppm
2110B3380 Oxygen- 21%V/V
2110B3390 Ozone- 0.4ppm
2110B3400 Phosphine- 1.2ppm
2110B3072 Propylene Oxide- 50ppm
2110B3440 Silane- 20ppm
2110B3490 Silane- 2ppm
2110B3460 Sulphur Dioxide- 8ppm
2110B3580 Sulphur Dioxide- 10ppm
2110B3470 Sulphur Dioxide- 15ppm
2110B3520 Sulphur Dioxide- 50ppm
2110B3701 Propane- 100%LEL
2110B3702 Butane- 100%LEL
2110B3703 Propene- 100%LEL
2110B3704 Methane- 100%LEL
2110B3705 LPG- 100%LEL
2110B3707 Hydrogen- 100%LEL
2110B3708 Ethylene- 100%LEL
2110B3712 Ethyl Alcohol- 100%LEL- USE 2110B3914
2110B3719 Octane- 100%LEL- USE 2110B3912
2110B3721 Acetone- 100%LEL- USE 2110B3914
2110B3723 Methyl Alcohol- 100%LEL- USE 2110B3915
2110B3727 Styrene- 100%LEL- USE 2110B3913
2110B3717 Hexane- 100%LEL- USE 2110B3913
2110B3728 Toluene- 100%LEL- USE 2110B3913
2110B3787 Ethylene- 10%LEL
2110B3910 1* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3911 2* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3912 3* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3913 4* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3914 5* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3915 6* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3916 7* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3917 8* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3751 Propane- 100%LEL
2110B3752 Butane- 100%LEL
2110B3754 Methane- 100%LEL
2110B3757 Hydrogen- 100%LEL
2110B3758 Ethylene- 100%LEL
2110B3772 Butyl Acetate- 100%LEL- USE 2110B3932
2110B3778 Toluene- 100%LEL- USE 2110B3933
2110B3767 Hexane- 100%LEL- USE 2110B3933
2110B3930 1* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3931 2* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3932 3* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3933 4* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3934 5* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3935 6* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3936 7* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16
2110B3937 8* LEL Flammable smart cartridge Apex SG16


2110B2140 Flow Housing
2110B2150 Weather Protection Housing
2110B2151 Collecting Cone
2110B2152 Sun Shade
2110B2600 Lonworks Digital Interface Board
2110B2100 Remote Sensor Junction Box- ATEX Ex II 2G D
2110B2103 Remote Sensor Junction Box UL Class I, Div 1, Groups BCD and Class I, Zone 1 CSA Class I, Groups BCD
90082-A-9011 Apex Atex Version duct mounting kit
2442-0016 US Duct Mount Kit for Searchpoint Optima Plus and Apex, UL Version ONLY.
1283K2237 Apex Duct Mounting Adapter


2110B2170 Sensor Mesh Filter Assembly
2110B2171 Sensor Hydrophobic Filter Assembly
2110B2172 Sensor Carbon Filter Assembly
2110B2800 Sensor Cartridge Locking Ring (except O2)
2110B2802 Sensor cartridge locking ring (O2)
2110B2200 Apex Transmitter ATEX Certified 2x M25 Cable Entries
2110B2203 Apex Transmitter UL Certified 2x 3/4"NPT Entries
2110B2204 Apex Transmitter CSA Certified 2x 3/4"NPT Entries
2110B2070 ATEX Certified Sensor for ECC and Catalytic cartridges
2110B2073 UL Certified Sensor for ECC and Catalytic cartridges
2110B2074 CSA Certified Sensor for ECC and Catalytic cartridges
2110B1828 Apex display module (ATEX/UL transmitters only)
2110B1829 Apex display module (CSA transmitters only)
2110B2833 Internal ribbon cable (transmitter)
2110B2829 Apex 'O' ring, gaskets, screws and fixture kit

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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Part Number Index

Part Number Index

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