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Miscellaneous Scientific Instruments

Jenway Index

Formed in June 1973, Jenway was created to design and manufacture a range of electronic thermometers and probes.

The 1980s saw Jenway expand its product range to introduce a broader range of products for analysis. Electrochemistry and optical spectroscopy were two particular areas of speciality.

Developments made in this area subsequently have included colorimetry, nephelometry, UV and Visible spectroscopy and fluorimetry.

There are many diverse applications for Jenway products. These include industry areas such as food manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, water related and educational markets.

The entire range of Jenway instruments have a role to play in environmental monitoring. The increasing awareness internationally of environmental pollution has also contributed towards opening up various new important areas for Jenway to expand into.

Jenway has recently been incorporated into the Bibby Scientific Equipment Division. Jenway now stands alongside Techne and Stuart product ranges.

Currently, the aim of Jenway is to concentrate on the development and extension of the existing Jenway product ranges, to ensure that the group of products will always meet the most stringent demands set by users worldwide.

All Jenway Instruments are guaranteed for two years (unless specified otherwise) against faulty components or workmanship.

Our policy is one of continuous research and development. We therefore reserve the right to amend the specifications given on this website and associated downloaded documents without notice.

Jenway focuses on Measuring Up to your requirements.


6051 Laboratory Colorimeter - BUY ONLINE

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

9500 Dissolved Oxygen Meter - BUY ONLINE

Jenway Flame Photometers

PFP7 Flame Photometer

Jenway Fluorimeters

6270 Fluorimeter
6280 Fluorimeter
6285 Fluorimeter

Jenway Obsolete Products

970 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
6030 Portable Colorimeter
6035 Portable Turbidimeter
9150 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
9200 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
AquaGem Photometer

Techne Index

Techne is the global leader and most established company in the product area of temperature control equipment.

The vast Techne temperature control product portfolio includes dri-block heaters, water baths and temperature calibrators.

Not content with just manufacturing temperature control instruments, Techne has also developed a range especially for molecular biology. Instruments in this range include thermal cyclers and hybridisation incubators.

Techne’s growing portfolio covers a varied and diverse range of products. Key areas include laboratory, life science, industrial, analytical and electrochemistry. With such a diverse range of products, comes a diverse range of customers. Users of Techne products include those working in molecular biology research, DNA, water quality testing, clinical diagnostics, sequencing, temperature calibration, gelation time, Sous-Vide cooking methods and hybridisation.

As a sign of Techne’s quality, NIST traceable calibration is available on the entire range. Techne conforms proudly to all of the latest safety directives, including the European CE requirements.

Techne appreciate that total compliance is vital with these directives. Therefore, all Techne products are tested and approved by an external test house, which is fully accredited. Techne is also compliant with WEEE, the Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances directive, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive and RoHS, introduced in 2006.

Gelation Timers (GT-5 & GT-6)

Hybridisation Incubators (HB-1D & HB-3D)

MCS Biological Stirrers

Sample Concentrators (FSC400D & FSC496D)

Sample Cooling (Nº ICE & BLºCKICE)

Stuart Index

The Stuart range of benchtop science equipment comprises over 100 products including block heaters, blood tube rotators, colony counters, hotplates, stirrers, rockers and shakers, rotary evaporators and water baths.

Stuart are also market leaders in melting point apparatus and water stills, with the Aquatron and Merit ranges.

All Stuart benchtop equipment is manufactured in our ultra modern facility. We are committed to constant product improvement and innovation.


The potential for contamination or infection from equipment in the workplace has never been greater.

To help combat this risk, the complete Stuart range of benchtop laboratory equipment is now protected with BioCote - a unique powder coating applied during the manufacturing process using active agent silver to provide permanent effective microbial protection.

  Protects against all common bacteria and fungi
  Completely safe and effective for the lifetime of the equipment
  No extra cost
  Patented technology


SCF1 Mini Centrifuge Spinner - BUY ONLINE

SCF2 Microcentrifuge - BUY ONLINE

Colony Counters

SC6 Plus Colony Counter - BUY ONLINE


SW5 & SW6 Flocculators - BUY ONLINE

Heating Mantles

HM Heating Mantles - BUY ONLINE


SHM1 Handheld Homogeniser - BUY ONLINE
SHM2 Laboratory Homogeniser - BUY ONLINE

Liquid Handling

PC2000 Bibbyjet Pipette Controller - BUY ONLINE
BD10 & BD25 Bibbypet Bottle Top Dispensers - BUY ONLINE
PP, R & HF Pressmatic Bottle Top Dispensers
BT30 & BT50 Digital Burettes - BUY ONLINE

Recirculating Coolers

SRC4 & SRC14 Recirculating Coolers

Vortex Mixers

SA3 Vortex Mixer - BUY ONLINE
SA7 Vortex Mixer - BUY ONLINE
SA8 Vortex Mixer (Variable Speed) - BUY ONLINE

Grant Bio
Grant Bio Index

The Grant Bio range is a series of laboratory products designed for scientific applications, with all of the standard high quality you would expect to see in other products by Grant Instruments.

With today's hectic laboratories having challenging workspace restrictions, the Grant Bio range has been designed with the user in mind. All of the range has a low profile and a small footprint, which has resulted in users being able to fit Grant Bio products into almost any location within their laboratories, compared to other more cumbersome products on the market.

Users of Grant Bio products can be assured of their durability and reliability, in the same way as the rest of the Grant Instruments range.

Products in the Grant Bio range include mixers, combined centrifuges/vortex mixers, thermoshakers, rockers, heating/cooling dry blocks, rotators and microplate apparatus.

Centrifuge & Vortex Mixers

LMC-3000 Low Speed Centrifuge
LMC-4200R Benchtop Centrifuge
Microspin Mini Centrifuge
PV-1 Vortex Mixer - BUY ONLINE

PCV-2400 Centrifuge/Vortex Mixer - BUY ONLINE
PCV-6000 Centrifuge/Vortex Mixer
V-32 Vortex Mixerr

UV Cabinets

UVC/T-M-AR General Purpose UV Cabinet
UVT-B-AR Economy PCR UV Cabinet
UVT-S-AR Double PCR Workstation


DEN-1 Densitometer


FTA-1 Aspirator
UVC/T-AR General Purpose UV Cabinet

Hanna Instruments
Hanna Instruments Index

A global organisation and a world leader, Hanna Instruments has become synonymous with the design, manufacture and supply of scientific equipment and test kits.

Since the company's formation, Hanna Instruments has gained an enviable reputation for consistent improvements and growth, with particular recognition for the company's product innovation.

Hanna Instruments has purpose-built production buildings in both Romania and Mauritius, while also having a dedicated research centre in the USA.

Product areas of Hanna Instruments include Colorimeters, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Multi-Parameter, pH and Turbidity.

Hanna Instruments have built over an astonishing 3500 different products and is the largest privately-owned electro-chemical manufacturer.

Chemical Oxygen Demand

HI-83214 COD and Multiparameter Phototmeter for Waste Water
HI-83224 COD and Multiparameter Photometer with Bar Code Vial Recognition
HI-839800 25 Vial Thermo-Reactor


HI-701 Pocket Checker for Free Chlorine Testing - BUY ONLINE

HI-711 Pocket Checker for Total Chlorine Testing - BUY ONLINE
HI-713 Pocket Checker for Phosphate Testing
HI-718 Pocket Checker for Iodine Testing - BUY ONLINE
HI-721 Pocket Checker for Iron Testing
HI-83099 Multi-Parameter Colorimeter
HI-83200 Multi-Parameter Photometer
HI-83203 Aquaculture Bench Photometer
HI-83205 Boiler & Cooling Towers Bench Photometer
HI-83206 Environmental Testing Bench Photometer
HI-83211 Better Control for Chemical Manufacturers
HI-83215 Agriculture Bench Photometer
HI-83216 Swimming Pools Bench Photometer
HI-83225 Grow Master for Nutrient Analysis
HI-83226 Advanced Swimming Pools Bench Photometer
HI-967 Series Portable Photometer

Dissolved Oxygen

HI-2400 Bench-top Dissolved Oxygen Meter
HI-4421 Bench DO & BOD Research Grade Meter
HI-9142 Simple-to-Use Dissolved Oxygen Meter
HI-9146N Portable D.O Meter
HI-9147-04 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
HI-9147-10 Dissolved Oxgen Meter
HI-98186 Advanced High Range D.O and BOD Meter


HI-123 pH/ ISE Bench Top Meter with Built-in Printer
HI-2216 pH/ORP/ISE Bench Top Meter
HI-3221 pH/mV/ISE/°C Bench Meter
HI-3512 pH/ORP/ISE/EC/TDS/NaCl/Resistivity Benchtop Meter
HI-4222 Research Grade Bench pH & ISE Meter
HI-4522 Research Grade pH/ORP/ISE/EC Bench Meter
HI-98172N Portable pH/ORP/ ISE Meter With Cal Check
HI-98184 Waterproof pH/ORP/ISE Meter
HI-98185 Waterproof pH/ORP/ISE Meter


Edge Multiparameter Meter
HI-9811-5N pH/EC/TDS/°C Portable Meter
HI-98129 Waterproof Conductivity, pH and TDS tester
HI-98130 Waterproof Conductivity, pH and TDS tester
HI-9829 GPS Multiparameter Meter
HI-9829-13042 Advanced Portable Multiparameter
HI-991301N High Range EC, TDS, pH and °C Meter


HI-96801 Refractometer

Relative Humidity

HI-9564 Hand-Held Thermo-Hygrometers


HI-93510N Waterproof Thermistor Thermometer
HI-935005 K-type Thermometer
HI-93530 K-type Thermometer


HI-902C Potentiometric Titrators


HI-88703 Bench Top Turbidity Meter
HI-88713 ISO Turbidity Meter
HI-93102 Multi Range Portable Turbidity Meter
HI-93414 EPA Compliant Turbidity and Free & Total Chlorine Meter
HI-93703C Portable Turbidity Meter Kit
HI-98703 Turbidity Meter
HI-98713 ISO Portable Turbidimeter


EC215 Multi-Range Conductivity Meter
HI-9828 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Portable Meter

Hach Lange Index

In terms of lab and online water analysis, no company springs to mind quicker than Hach Lange.

Formed in 2000, from the merger of two similar companies, Dr Bruno Lange GmbH (Germany) and Hach Inc (USA), the company has kept on growing, now employing nearly 3,000 employees. Both of the original companies shared a very extensive and similar product history, mainly in the areas of photometry and electrochemistry.

Hach Lange can be found all over the world, with product research and production facilities in France, Switzerland, China, Germany and the USA. There is also an international network which connects Hach Lange to 22 other European countries as well as representation in most other parts of the world.

With the growth of Hach Lange, the product range has diversified into different customer applications such as drinking water, industrial sewage and water quality. Hach Lange has met customer expectations with an ever expanding product selection.


DR800 Colorimeter
DR900 Colorimeter
LICO 690 Colorimeter
Pocket Colorimeter II


2100 Turbidimeters
2100Q & 2100Qis Turbidimeters


BODTrak II Apparatus
Eclox Rapid Response Water Test Kit
HQD Laboratory Analysers
LT200 Dry Thermostat
ORBISPHERE 3100 Portable LDO Analyser
REFO Glossmeters
SC200 Universal Controller


LICO 500 Colorimeter

IKA Index

IKA began it's life back in 1910, growing into today's world leading brand within most of the product groups. IKA employs over 800 people spread over four continents.

IKA is proud to have some well known customers to serve including BASF, Bayer and Procter & Gamble.

Based in Staufen, IKA has expanded it's product range, now manufacturing a remarkable line-up of devices including magnetic stirrers, overheard stirrers, dispersers, shakers, mills, rotary evaporators, lab reactors, and calorimeters.

IKA products are known throughout the world for their high level of quality and fulfil the toughest demands when it comes to aspects such as functionality, technology and aesthetics. Various awards and regular patent applications showcase the innovative power of IKA.


A 11 Basic Analytical Mill
MF 10 Basic Microfine Grinder Drive
MF 10.1 Cutting-Grinding Head
MF 10.2 Impact Grinding Head
M 20 Universal Mill
Tube Mill Control

Temperature Control

RC 2 Basic Circulating Chiller

SI Analytics Index

Seventy five years ago, SCHOTT Instruments GmbH was formed by their development of the glass electrode. In 2009, SCHOTT Instruments GmbH was renamed SI Analytics GmbH. The change of name was decided in order to express the main company competence, whilst also standing for two of the company's main products - sensors and instruments.

All SI Analytics products are manufactured and developed in Mainz, Germany.

SI Analytics specialise in high quality equipment such as pH meters, oxygen measurement instruments, conductometers, titrators, piston burettes and many more.

In 2001, SI Analytics became part of Xylem Inc, following the split of the ITT Corporation.

TitroLine 6000, TitroLine 7000 and Titronic 500

TitroLine 7500 KF and TitroLine 7500 KF Trace

TitroLine 7750

Horiba Index

Horiba is a group of worldwide companies that together provide an extensive range of instruments and systems for many diverse applications such as automotive R&D, environmental monitoring, process monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics and many more. Proven quality and reliable performance have enabled Horiba to reach established levels of customer confidence.

With a main aim of producing products for the health, safety and environment markets, Horiba have a unique motto of "Joy and Fun" used as inspiration to staff and customers alike.

Horiba can trace its beginnings back to 1945, when Masao Horiba, a student at Kyoto University, set up the Horiba radio laboratory in Karasuma-Gojo in Kyoto in order to continue nuclear physics research interrupted by Japan’s defeat in the war. The Horiba radio laboratory built the capacitor needed for the high-speed calculator (computer in today’s terms) for nuclear physics experiments. This capacitor became renowned for its functions and quality, and Horiba decided to start manufacturing it commercially.

Eight years later in 1953, Horiba Ltd was established and took its first steps as a manufacturer of measurement instruments.

The new Horiba range of products replaces the former range, which included the B-212 Twin Compact pH Meter, B-173 Compact Conductivity Meter, C-121 Compact Salt Meter, C-122 Compact Sodium Ion Meter, C-131 Compact Potassium Ion Meter and the B-343 Compact Nitrate Meter.

OCMA-500 Oil Content Monitor

SLFA-60 Sulfur-in-Oil Analyser

SLFA-2100 & SLFA-2800 Sulfur-in-Oil Analysers

U-50 Multiparameter Water Quality Checker


OCMA-310 Oil Content Analyser

ESCO Index

ESCO was founded in 1978, in Singapore and began its life as a pioneer in cleanroom technology throughout the south east of Asia. The key industries of ESCO's origins was high-tech industrial and life science, where ESCO strived to provide clean air solutions. Since these beginnings, ESCO has earned a fantastic reputation worldwide for innovation and product quality within the laboratory and cleanroom industry.

The main headquarters of ESCO is still based in Singapore, with eight other offices based around the globe. The combined effort of ESCO's global presence results in a highly efficient and state-of-the-art research, development and manufacturing process chain.

At the time of writing, ESCO's products are sold in more than 100 different countries. This huge growth has made ESCO the world leader in biological safety cabinets, offering the industry's broadest product selection.

ESCO's main customers include hospitals, life science providers, pharmaceutical companies, universities and biomedical establishments.

Ultra-low Temperature Freezers

Lexicon Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

Lexicon II Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

Day Impex Index

Three distinctive ranges of Dilvac Dewar flasks in containers all utilising the proven borosilicate glass inner vessels. Offered in plastic, stove enamelled steel and hygienic satin finish stainless steel. Capacities of 200cc to 10 litres.

Designed for safe use of liquid gases, all Dilvac Dewar flasks are manufactured to exacting standards and represent the highest quality units available today for laboratory use. The flasks are designed with practicality and safety in mind. Many of the range of 22 models have features such as vented clamped lids, carrying handles and rubber cushioned bases.

DILVAC Dewar Flasks

Dry Ice Maker

Mettler Toledo Index

Mettler Toledo is a world renowned manufacturer of innovative laboratory equipment, including weighing balances and ph, conductivity, ion and dissolved oxygen meters.

The Mettler Toledo company was set up in 1945, when an engineer from Switzerland, called Dr. Erhard Mettler, started designing precision mechanics. Dr Mettler created the substitution principle with a single-pan balance, which was capable of being produced in series. These special analytical balances which had a single weighing pan gradually replaced the traditional two-pan balances in laboratories worldwide.

Over the course of the next decade, the measurement of up to one ten-millionth of a gram became possible.

Mettler Toledo instruments can be found in research, scientific and quality control labs, amongst many others in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Balances, pipettes and pH meters are the the three most frequently used instruments in the average laboratory. Mettler Toledo are proud to be a global market leader in each of these.

Not content with just covering the requirements of the laboratory, Mettler Toledo's industrial solutions cover the diverse steps in a host of manufacturing processes. This area of Mettler Toledo's business covers the receiving of raw materials, in-line process control and end-of-line packaging control. The area of industrial solutions even stretches as far as logistics and shipping. Increasingly, Mettler Toledo find themselves integrating their solutions into customer's IT systems, which helps to automate their work processes.

Density Meters

Densito 30PX Density Meter

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