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RD99 Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector

The new refrigerant leak detector is a low cost effective way of detecting the smallest of refrigerant gases.

The handheld unit detects environmentally damaging gases, including the latest CFC gases . The unit has a two position sensitivity switch allowing the user to locate the smallest leaks.

The RD99 has a dual alarm system for leak finding. The increased tic rate sounds and a series of visual indicators illuminate as you approach the source of the leak. This visual indication makes the detection of leaks possible in noisy environments.

The RD99 is battery powered and is ideal for use with domestic and commercial refrigeration systems, automotive and air-conditioning systems.


  Detects all existing refrigerants which include HFC's, HFC's, CFC's, SF6, R134A and R123.
  High Sensitivity switch to locate the smallest of leaks.
  Easy to use one handed operation.
  Long gooseneck probe for hard to reach areas.
  Audio and visual leak indicator.
  Protective rubber sleeve houses gooseneck when not in use.
  An extra sensing tip is included.


Kane RD99

94.50 (113.40 inc. VAT)
8.00 UK Delivery

User Manual

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