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Kane 940 Multi-Gas Combustion Analyser

The KANE940 handheld analyser is ideal for industrial boiler flue gas measurement and analysis. It operates on all boiler types and can display 8 parameters simultaneously showing measurements and calculations of boiler efficiency and pollution.

The KANE940 has a memory to store up to 150 readings and can transfer data to a printer or PC. The printout displays the time and date of each measurement as well as personalised information such a s company name and telephone number.

The KANE940 measures O2, flue and nett temperature and calculates CO2, boiler efficiency, excess air and losses. CO is measured with a hydrogen compensated sensor for increased accuracy. It also measures CO and calculates CO/CO2 ratio - 'The Poison Index' - to give complete readings for effective boiler analysis and safety.

The KANE940 measures NO and calculates NOX. For more accurate pollution analysis an optional NO2 or SO2 sensor can be fitted at time of purchase. The high suction double headed pump allows the analyser to be used in flues with suction over 100 mbar without compromising measuring accuracy. The probe hose is lined with Teflon to reduce absorption of any sample gases.

The differential pressure sensor can be used to measure flue draught or be used with a pilot tube (not supplied).

The analyser is supplied with a flue gas probe, protective rubber sleeve, battery charger, operator's manual and carry case.


  Big character display
  High suction double headed pump
  Teflon lined flue probe
  IR printer link - printed header can be customised
  Memory to store 150 test results
  Long life battery recharged in situ


  High range CO sensor instead of standard CO sensor
  Low range NO sensor in place of standard NO sensor
  NO2 sensor in place of any other toxic gas sensor

Optional Extras

  Infra red thermal printer
  Infra red impact printer


  Oxygen to 21%
  Carbon Monoxide (CO) to 10,000ppm with hydrogen compensated sensor (alternatively CO to 100,000ppm with high range sensor)
  Nitric Oxide (NO) to 5000ppm with calculated NOx (alternatively NO to 100ppm with better low range accuracy)
  Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) to 5000ppm
  Alternatively any toxic sensor can be replaced with a 1000ppm Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) sensor)
  Inlet Temperature
  Flue Gas Temperature
  Differential pressure

Data Sheet

This analyser is also compatible with the Kane Fireworks Software.

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