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Kane 451 Plus Combustion Analyser

The Kane 451 Plus is the replacement model for the Kane 451. This is a combustion analyser which has direct CO2 measurement. The Kane 451 Plus also benefits from a long-life high-range CO sensor. The Kane 451 Plus is perfect for engineers who install and/or service oil or gas boilers, along with those working with Biomass appliances.

The Kane 451 Plus has a four line display controlled by 9 position rotary switch.


  3 user defined fuels
  Infra-red output to optional printer prints reports for aux, combustion, pressure, let-by/tightness, temperature and room CO build up
  Fitted with protective rubber sleeve with integral magnet
  The new KANE451plus is a truly versatile and cost effective option


  CO2 direct with an infra-red sensor (0-20%)
  Hydrogen compensated CO (0-10,000ppm)
  Differential pressure
  Differential temperature


  CO/CO2 ratio
  Excess air and efficiency for gaseous fuels, light oils (28/35 sec) and wood pellets

Box Contents

  Analyser / KMCP2 flue probe
  4 x NiMh rechargeable batteries
  2 x pressure fittings
  Test report

Quick Reference Guide
User Manual

Kane 451 Plus Combustion Analyser

Kit VersionsKane 451 PlusKane 451 Plus KitKane 451 Plus NOKane 451 Plus NO Kit
Analyser / batteries / charger / KMCP2 / test report / manual
KMIRP-2 printer + 17820 carry case
NO sensor
List Price 619.00 765.00 819.00 965.00
Our Price (excluding VAT) 526.15
UK Delivery 8.00 8.00 8.00 8.00

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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