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RAE Systems Index

RAE Systems was founded in 1991 and has quickly become one of the world's leading manufacturers of radiation and chemical detection equipment. Diverse uses of RAE's products include both industrial applications and homeland security.

The RAE Systems product range covers a full range of wireless, portable and fixed monitors for atmospheric applications, as well as photoionisation detectors, gamma detectors and neutron radiation instruments, which give an early warning of any hazardous materials being present.

Colorimetric Gas Detection & RAE-Sep Tubes

Drager Safety Index

No company springs to mind when talking about safety equipment more than Drager Safety. A market leader in many different specialist areas, Drager Safety have produced products such as gas detection analysers, safety masks and emergency escape equipment.

The main aim of Drager's products are to make the dangerous world we live in, safer. In many different job types, there are a countless number of unforeseen dangers that pose a very real threat to the health and safety of workers. Whether it be the prior warning of dangerous gases or the assistance needed to keep you breathing during a fire, there is a Drager Safety product which is suitable for you.

Despite the numerous changes in all types of industry over the years, Drager Safety has maintained it's product range and it's position as the number one safety company worldwide.

Aerotest Breathing Air Systems

CMS Chip Measurement System

Tubes/Accuro Pump

X-act 5000 Automatic Tube Pump

MSA Safety Index

With over 110 years in providing Safety solutions MSA Europe a member of the worldwide MSA group is the epitome for reliability and trust.

Where Safety is paramount MSA offers Total Support.

From the early days of providing respiratory protection, MSA has grown to be a leader in the use of modern technologies to offer a comprehensive range of products which can offer simple to high-tech solutions for the protection of plant and personnel.

Detector Tubes

Escort ELF Sampling Pump

Gas-Tester II H

Kwik-Draw Pump

Toximeter II Pump

Honeywell Analytics Index

A continuously evolving company, Honeywell Analytics has been doing so since its beginnings nearly 50 years ago.

The Honeywell Analytics company was formed in the United Kingdom by Joshua Sieger in 1959. Joshua Sieger was a gas detection pioneer and the inventor of the first reliable catalytic bead. A keen boating enthusiast, Joshua Sieger recognised a requirement for a reliable gas detection service, from time spent in the boating circle.

Joshua Sieger then launched the Siegistor, which set the benchmark for catalytic bead flammable gas detection technology. This brought Joshua Sieger huge success and in 1961, Joshua Sieger's company (known as J&S Sieger Ltd) was commissioned by Shell to devise an entire gas detection system for its white oil storage depot in Gibraltar.

Just before 1980, a division of the Zellweger Luwa group called Zellweger Analytics acquired J&S Sieger Ltd, which marked the company's entry into flammable gas detection. Over the next 17 years, a number of additional brands were acquired and brought into its growing family, including Neotronics Technology, acquired in 1996 and Zareba in 2005.

The huge growth of the Zellweger Analytics company led market leader Honeywell to acquire them in 2005. This was when the company was first known as Honeywell Analytics.

The Honeywell Analytics company today has branches all over the globe and sells its product range internationally to many different types of industry and for many different applications. Thanks to its fantastic understanding of customer requirements along with a constant commitment to the development of new technology, Honeywell Analytics remains a global leader in gas detection and a name that is synonymous with the highest standards of product, service and innovation.

Tubes & Pumps

Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes and Pump

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