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Gas Analysers - Boiler/Flue

This section covers the gas analysers we supply for boiler and flue applications.

To find out more about flue gas analysis, please read our What is Flue Gas? Guide and our Flue Gas Analysers Guide.

Kane May
Kane Index

Established in 1963 Kane designs and manufactures portable test and measurement equipment in the UK.

Kane produces portable flue gas analysers used to measure both the efficiency of combustion and the levels of pollutant gases. Improving the efficiency of a combustion process can not only make significant financial savings but also help to reduce atmospheric pollution. Analysers range from single gas pocket analysers to portable muti-gas data logging units for semi-continuous monitoring.

Kane Automotive has developed a range of portable exhaust gas analysers that meet the accuracy and functionality of the OIML Class 1 approvals standard. These truly portable handheld analysers are setting new standards of functionality in vehicle exhaust gas monitoring.


We are now able to offer various kits in the Kane 250 and Kane 455 ranges. These prices can give you huge savings on the RRP!

This offer is only valid for a limited time, and is not to be repeated.

For more information please select the Kane 250 and Kane 455 links on the right.


Kane 9206 Quintox Emissions Monitoring Solution
Kane 940 Multi-Gas Combustion Analyser
Kane 905 Commercial Flue Gas Analyser
Kane 504 Boiler Analyser - BUY ONLINE

Kane 457 Infrared Combustion Flue Gas Analyser and Domestic Atmosphere Tester - BUY ONLINE
Kane 456 Boiler Analyser
Kane 455 Infra-Red Analyser - BUY ONLINE
Kane 451 Plus Boiler Analyser - BUY ONLINE
Kane 450 Boiler Analyser - BUY ONLINE
Kane 255 Combustion Analyser - BUY ONLINE
Kane 251 Combustion Analyser - BUY ONLINE

Other Products

Kane 3200 Differential Pressure Meter - BUY ONLINE
Kane 3500 Differential Pressure Meter - BUY ONLINE
Kane 77 Carbon Monoxide Monitor & Personal CO Alarm - BUY ONLINE
Kane CO91 Handheld Carbon Monoxide Monitor
Kane LS1/B Gas Leak Detector - BUY ONLINE
Kane MSP Manual Smoke Pump - BUY ONLINE
Kane DAFM3 Digital Air Flow Meter - BUY ONLINE
Kane DT200 Heating & Ventilating Kit - BUY ONLINE


Kane 250 Combustion Meter
Kane 3100 Differential Pressure Meter
Kane 425 Boiler Analyser
Kane 451 Boiler Analyser
Kane 900 Plus Multi-Gas Emissions Analyser
Kane 9106 Quintox Upgradeable Combustion Analyser
Kane CO75 CO Meter
Kane Fireworks Software

Testo Index

Testo is the world's leading manufacturer in the production of test and measurement instrumentation.

With years of experience, Testo develops solutions for a wide range of applications that require measurement. The endless number of solutions provided has gained more and more customers each and every year, who all benefit from the Testo range.

Testo provides a wide range of portable and stationary instruments for many parameters and applications including; temperature, humidity, velocity, pressure, refrigeration, flue gas, water analysis, light and RPM.

308 Smoke Tester

310 Flue Gas Analyser

312 Precision Manometer

320 Flue Gas Analyser

320B Flue Gas Analyser - BUY ONLINE

327 Flue Gas Analyser - BUY ONLINE

330 Flue Gas Analyser - BUY ONLINE

340 Emissions Analyser

350 Emissions Analyser

360 Reference Flue Gas Analyser

Anton Index

Anton are one of the world's leading manufacturers of HVAC quality portable instruments. With a huge product protfolio covering products such as gas leak detectors, flue gas analysers, thermometers, power flushers, pressure meters, digital multimeters and even a range of products especially for OFTEC oil heating engineers.

Some of the most famous Anton products include the very popular APM pressure meters (the APM 130 and APM 140), the AGM 50 gas leak detector, the AIRG infra-red thermometers, Flowclean Plus power flusher and the ATM 200 differential thermometer.

One product that has it's reputation continually rising is the award-winning Anton Sprint V2 flue gas analyser, with multi-function capabilities. This incredible analyser is fully compliant with Part L1 Building Regulations, EN50379, IGE/Up/1b, Benchmark commissioning checklist, BS7967 and BS7927.

Sprint eVo Flue Gas Analyser

Flowclean Plus Power Flusher


Sprint V2 Flue Gas Analyser

Eurotron Index

For Eurotron, the term "quality" is a concept with precise concrete values, which apply to all aspects of the company's business.

Eurotron is also highly committed to market relations. In fact it offers its exclusive sector know-how, gives advice in order to optimize application choices, provides complete detailed documentation on every subject regarding its expert fields, and organizes training and refresher courses for its customers' technician.

GreenLine 8000/EcoLine 6000

Rasi 200

Rasi 300C

Rasi 400

Rasi 700

Rasi 900 and Rasi 901


EcoLine 4000

Servomex Index

As a world expert in gas analysis, Servomex has established itself as a leading provider of reliable, accurate and stable gas measurement solutions to industries across the globe.

An acknowledged innovator in gas analysis technologies for more than 50 years, Servomex is the originator of and world leader in paramagnetic sensing technology and has an exceptional reputation in the development of zirconia, laser (TDL), gas chromatography, FID, coulometric, photometric and thick film technologies. With a leading edge in R&D and manufacturing maintained by two Technical Centres based in Crowborough, UK and Boston, Massachusetts, the result is high-performance, cost-effective gas analysis, delivered through a portfolio of dependable products ranging from portable gas analysers to complex process solutions.

Servomex’s commitment to providing a complete industry solution to gas analysis extends across our business, with its Hummingbird Sensing Technology brand delivering sensor technology to OEM partners and the recently-acquired Delta F Corporation extending its product offering through high quality oxygen and moisture analysis technologies.

Servomex is committed to providing excellence in customer service, offering full sales and service support through global business centres based in Houston, Texas; Zoetermeer, Netherlands; Shanghai, China; São Paulo, Brazil; and Mumbai, India. By combining global expertise with local support, Servomex delivers a complete package of product and service that ensures customers improve output quality, maintain plant and process safety and meet legislative requirements. Servomex is part of Spectris PLC, a leading supplier of instrumentation and controls to global markets

Keison Products supply the full range of spares and accessories for all of the Servomex products.

Combustion Analysers

SERVOTOUGH Fluegas Analyser (2700)

Crowcon Index

Crowcon specialises in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative, reliable and cost-effective flammable and toxic gas detection equipment. Crowcon started trading in 1970 and has constantly been a world leader in the field with products made for safety and environmental monitoring needs.

The products are sold throughout the world, serving oil, gas and petrochemical companies, public utilities, clean water and sewage treatment companies, fire brigades, construction companies and other organisations where accidental leakage of gas or vapour can become a toxic or explosive danger.

Tempest 50 Flue Gas Analyser

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