Fire Extinguishing

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Kidde Fire Protection is a world leading fire suppression company, delivering cost-effective and quality solutions to a vast customer base.

The supply of services out of a box is not what Kidde Fire Protection are about. Kidde create customised solutions based around the customer's particular requirements and strategies.

Whether it be a one-off fire suppression project or a complete managed fire protection solution, Kidde Fire Protection develop strategies and solutions that become fundamental to the safety of the customer.

Kidde clean agent gaseous suppression solutions are used all round the world for the protection of high value assets from the potentially devastating effects of fire and also the collateral damage than be caused by extinguishing the fire with water or powders. Kidde's solutions get things up and running again with minimal damage and minimal cleaning costs.

Kidde Fire Protection is part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp, one of the world's largest groups of fire protection companies.

AlarmLine Linear Heat Detector
Argonite Inert Gas Fire Suppression System
Argonite C60 Inert Gas Fire Suppression System with Controlled Flow Technology
CO2 Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Suppression System (engineered for use with 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid)
FM-200 Fire Extinguishing Agent
GX-20 with FM-200 Fire Extinguishing System
Marine FM-200 Special Hazard Systems
Miscellaneous Spares

Senator Range

Senator 25
Senator 100
Senator 200
Senator Ex
Senator Nano

Stratos Range

Stratos Ex
Stratos HSSD 2
Stratos Micra 25
Stratos Micra 100
Stratos Nano

Firex Range

KF1 & KF1R Ionisation Smoke Alarms
KF2 & KF2R Optical Smoke Alarms
KF3 & KF3R Heat Alarms

Slick Range

1SFW & 1SFWR Ionisation Smoke Alarms
2SFW & 2SFWR Optical Smoke Alarms
3SFW & 3SFWR Fast-Fit Heat Alarms

Located in Germany, NSC Sicherheitstechnik is one of the world's leaders in fire detection equipment.

Founded in 2003 by three individuals with more than 20 years of experience in the security industry, NSC Sicherheitstechnik has since been designing and building high quality fire alarm products, meeting the DIN EN standards, VdS and ISO9001, and selling these all over the world.

In addition to the fire detection equipment, NSC Sicherheitstechnik also design and manufacture Intruder Alarm Panels, CCTV and Access Control products and systems.

One of the most important areas of security is fire detection. NSC Sicherheitstechnik offer top of the range technology both in their detectors, as well as the central systems.

Modular System

Solution F1

Compact System

Solution F2

Detectors and Alarm Devices

B02700-00 Discovery Optical Smoke Detector

B02704-00 Discovery Optical/Heat Multi Sensor Detector

B02706-00 Discovery Heat Detector

B02725-00 Discovery Manual Call Point

B02750-00 Discovery Mounting Base

B07964-00 Open Area Alarm Device

B07974-00 Sounder Beacon Base


B02840-00 Input/Output Unit With Isolator

B02842-00 XP95 Three Channel Input/Output Unit

Part Number Index

Part Number Index

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