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Ecom Instruments Ex-Handy 09 Mobile Phone (Zone 1/21)

  Shock / Vibration Resistant
  Temperature Resistant
  Resistant to extreme pressure
  Puncture resistant
  Resistant to oils and chemicals
  Optional Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The need of the hour is for a more advanced mobile phone for the users, not a Smartphone. Ecom Instruments have produced the Ex-Handy 09 Feature phone, designed to meet this sole need – providing both push-button and touchscreen mobile phone capabilities including the performance and seamless connectivity to support simple and more intensive Android™ applications such as Lone Worker Protection, Push-to-Talk and other industrial apps.

The Ex-Handy 09 includes the Google certified / certification (GMS) enabling access to a further 700,000 Android™ apps - giving you the flexibility to mould the device to meet your needs.

Unlike other traditional devices for hazardous areas, the Ex-Handy 09 includes device security and the data can be kept very secure up to date to prevent malware and other unwanted security threats adversely affecting your data and the uptime of your devices.

Scope of Supply

  Ex-Handy 09
  Li-Ion battery 3600mAh (built-in)
  Charger TC S01
  Safety Box SB S01
  Belt Clip B C H09
  Needle (for opening SIM Slot)

Optional accessories / Peripheral devices

  Optional Lone Worker Protection
  Car charger
  Leather case
  Leather holster
  Single-bay desktop charger
  4-bay desktop charger
  USB connector plug
  IS headset "ComCom Ex"
  IS in-ear noise reduction headset "Serenity SPC Ex"
  Bluetooth® Remote Speaker Mic "Ex-RSM Aurelis BT"
  Non-IS stereo headset

Ecom Instruments Ex-Handy 09 Mobile Phone (Zone 1/21)

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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